Introducing WheelsYa, the innovative fusion of fashion and fun that’s set to redefine on-the-go entertainment. WheelsYa is no ordinary wrist accessory; it’s a slap/snap wrist bracelet that boasts an exciting twist. This unique invention combines the style of a trendy bracelet with the exhilaration of a miniature skateboard or car. Simply slap it onto your wrist, and it seamlessly transforms into a fashionable accessory that’s ready to accompany you wherever you go.

But what truly sets WheelsYa apart is its incredible playability. With a built-in spring mechanism, you can pull it back to charge up the excitement and watch it zoom forward into the distance at a thrilling speed. Whether you’re waiting for a friend, taking a break between classes, or simply in the mood for some spontaneous fun, WheelsYa is your trusty companion. When it’s time to get moving again, just snap it onto your wrist, and you’re ready to roll. With WheelsYa, you’ll not only stay in style but also be prepared for play at a moment’s notice, making it the ultimate accessory for those who believe in living life on the fast track.



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